Wadhawan Premier League - 3

Wadhawan Premier League - 3

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Wadhawan Premier League - 3 (WPL3), organized by Rajesh Wadhawan Group (RWG) in India, starting on Saturday, 27 Oct 2018 and ending on Saturday, 27 Oct 2018. The series will be played at St Andrews Turf Cricket Ground, Near Holy family hospital , Bandra west, Mumbai , Maharashtra.

Rajesh Wadhawan Group Presents WPL-3 Conclusion Info

29 Oct 2018

  1. WPL -3 Winning team – MEN IN BLUE

  2. WPL -3 Runner up team - MEP XI

  3. Man of the Series – Ramchandra Mane (MEN IN BLUE)

  4. Man of the Match ( final match) – Dhiraj Poojary (MEN IN BLUE)

  5. Best Batsman of the League - Devidas Gadkar( MEP XI)

  6. Best Bowler of the League – Santosh Chodhary (MEP XI)

  7. Best Catch of the League – Pravin Koli ( LIVSMART LIONS)

  8. Best wicket keeper of the League – Sachin Suvarna (MEN IN BLUE)

Rajesh Wadhawan Group Presents WPL-3 Rules & Regulation

26 Oct 2018

Please make sure all team players reach venue at 7.30 am – we will start the first match at 8 am . The schedule of matches and timings will be announced by the WPL committee at 7.45 am tomorrow. Your team’s match could be the first .

All the matches are time bound and have to be completed in a specific time frame for successful completion of the event. Teams will have to play with short players in case the players of the team are unavailable as per time slot given. It is the responsibility of captains to make sure that all players are available at the given point of time.

Please find below the rules of the tournament. Request all teams to respect and adhere to these rules and play in the true sportsmanship spirit.

  1. All Teams have to reach the ground at 7.30 am so that we start the first match on time at 8 am
  2. All captains have to ensure that each team player is physically fit to play. You may inform the organizing committee if any player is unfit or should not play in his own interest.
  3. Teams that are not available at the decided time slot will play with available players or may be declared lost if no players arrive on time.
  4. The matches will be played for 6 overs each innings.
  5. The playing 11 squad has to be declared by the Captain before every match on a sheet of paper. Substitutes from the bench must be used in case of injury to any player from first 11 squad. Umpires will decide on fitness of the player to continue or not.
  6. No runner will be allowed in case a Batsman is low on stamina or cannot run due to cramps / injury etc. The player has to be substituted. The substituted player if physically fit, can come back on crease on fall of a wicket.
  7. Batsmen at crease or Bowler in mids of a bowling over cannot be replaced by the captain until the batsman is out or the over is finished respectively.
  8. 6 runs ( full toss) and 4 runs can be scored by hitting the fence only on straight drive. If the ball hits the adjacent fence and then hits the boundary it will be declared four runs.
  9. Field restriction – Only two fielders will be allowed on the Boundary fence for first 2 overs of the innings. This 2 overs will be called Power Play.
  10. Two runs declared ( 2D) if the ball is hit over the fence between the third pole and Boundary.
  11. All other sides including behind the wicket keeper have to be scored by hit and run.
  12. Leg byes and overthrows can be scored by running between the wickets.
  13. ‘ NO BALL ‘ will be declared for a full toss ball over the waist line of batsman or above shoulder on one bounce or on overstepping the bowling crease by 3/4th margin.
  14. Free hit on NO BALL will be allowed and wicket on free hit will be only by run out.
  15. Captains from batting team to appoint 2 player outside the fence to fetch the balls that are hit over the fence so that we save time.
  16. Wide ball will be as per regular cricket standards.
  17. All wickets will be considered only on falling of bells from the stump.
  18. Maximum 2 overs can be bowled by a bowler. In case of injury, a substitute bowler who is not bowling 2 overs may be used to bowl the remaining balls of the over.
  19. In case of a tie of scores between two teams there will a DECIDER OVER to decide the winner.
    • In the decider over , the bowling team will bowl 1 over
    • Batting team will play three batsmen (2 wickets)
    • The team who scores maximum in 6 balls will win
  20. Hitting balls over the fence on all sides ( except straight drive and Third pole) will be declared one run.
  21. Best Batsman will be the one who scores maximum runs in the entire tournament.
  22. Best Bowler will be the highest wicket taker in the entire tournament.
  23. Man of the Match will be the Best player from the final match – Decision will be taken by organizing committee.
  24. Man of the Series will be the player with Best Batting score + Best bowling average + Best fielding / catches + sportsman spirit ( all three criteria will be considered). Decision will be made based on cric-ten statistics, umpire’s feedback and WPL committee judgment.
  25. Umpires decision on all above rules will be final.

    Awards and cash Prize

  • Winning team – Trophy + Rs. 21,000 Cash prize + Medal
  • Runner up team -Trophy + Rs. 15,000 Cash prize + Medal
  • Man of the Series – Trophy + Rs. 5,000 cash prize
  • Man of the Match ( final match) – Trophy + Rs. 3,000 Cash prize
  • Best Batsman of the League - Trophy + Rs. 3,000 cash Prize
  • Best Bowler of the League – Trophy + Rs. 3,000 Cash Prize
  • Best Catch of the Tournament – Rs. 2,000 Cash Prize
  • First Hat trick wickets of the Tournament – Rs. 2,000 Cash Prize


Ramchandra Mane

Men In Blue



Chetan Uchate

Dheeraj Civil Challengers



Mangesh Naik





Ramchandra Mane

Men In Blue



Devidas Gadkar




Mangesh Naik





Ramchandra Mane

Men In Blue



Santosh Chodhary

Dheeraj Civil Challengers



Govind Bhobate




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